Guardian 400
Viking’s new Twin Otter Series 400 is tailored to civilian, military and government agencies requirements. 

The military version called the Guardian 400, is the most cost effective solution for surveillance, search and rescue, Medical evacuation, Troop parachuting, Border and Coast Guard surveillance and can be reconfigured quickly from a multi-role interior to passenger layout for a standard 19 – passenger seat interior.

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Viking Guardian Overview

360° Search Radar

Selex SeaSpray 500E

The Selex SeaSpray 5000E MultiRole Electronically Scanned Search Radar is the baseline search radar system for the Guardian 400, installed in the nose section with the system antenna located in a radome underneath the nose cone to facilitate 360° rotation, suitable for both amphibious and landplane configurations of the Guardian 400.

EO/IR Sensor

EO/IR Sensor

The ITAR free FLIR PolyTech UltraForce 350, or the Wescam MX-15HDi, are the two available baseline options for standard EO/OR equipment on the Guardian 400. The retractable EO/IR sensor turret is located on the underside of the nose cone, providing an excellent field of view for the cameras and avoiding significant potential blanking effect from wings, engines, propellers and floats that is unavoidable when the EO is installed further aft. Retraction of the turret is important to protect the camera lenses, particularly when the aircraft is equipped with floats and exposed to sea spray during maneuvering and take-off runs. In addition, retraction of the turret reduces aircraft drag and fuel burn when not in operation.

EO/IR Option A - Ultraforce 350

EO/IR Option A - Ultraforce 350

The UltraForce 350 system features a 350mm (13.8") gimbal with 4-axis gyro stabilization, with standard sensor payloads including:

  • > Thermal imager with a 640x512 focal plane array operating in the 3.75-4.8 microns wavelength and with field of view ranging from 17° x 12.5° (wide) to 0.6° x 0.45° with electronic zoom.

  • > Visible TV sensor providing 380,000 pixels (NTSC) or 400,000 pixels (PAL), and a 26 x zoom ratio with field of view ranging from 42° (maximum wide) to 0.8° with electronic zoom.

  • > Optional payloads for the UltraForce 350 include laser rangefinder and spotter camera.

EO/IR Option B - L-3 Wescam

EO/IR Option B - L-3 Westcam MX-15HDI

The L-3 Wescam MX-15HDi system has a 394mm (15.5") gimbal with 4-axis stabilization and steering, as well as 6-axis passive vibration isolation. The turret can be equipped with up to 6 camera payloads, including:

  • > High magnification IR thermal imager.

  • > Daylight camera with zoom lens.

  • > Daylight camera with spotter lens.

  • > Day/night spotter with dual channel spotter.

  • > Eye safe laser rangefinder.

  • > Laser illuminator.

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Combining a proven design with modern technology, THE NEW VIKING TWIN OTTER SERIES 400, will provide owners and operators with "Vesatility That Works".

Ideally suited for SAR and maritime patrol providing coast guards with “a modern and economical solution” to sovereignty and rescue patrols, the aircraft has an endurance of almost 10 hours flying time. Options include a 360-degree search radar, EO/IR Sensor with thermal imager for daylight and night operations making it also ideal as a platform to detect oil spillage or ship pollution.

The Guardian 400 shares the same multi-role versatility as the Twin Otter 400 Series and can be equipped with wheels or floats allowing the aircraft to land in the desert on unpaved surfaces or on water with its amphibian capability.

The Series 400 Twin Otter is the best-selling next generation turbo-prop aircraft in its class, with aircraft sold and delivered to more than 26 countries worldwide in both Landplane and Amphibious versions.

Viking Twin Otter Series 400 Special Missions Brochures

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Brochure Download - Parachute
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