Why use equity to finance a depreciating asset?

In today’s environment, there are smarter ways to invest your capital than in a depreciating asset. Leasing your aircraft through Veling Tayara will free your capital for investments in assets that appreciate and build value, be it for your company shareholders or for your personal wealth. You will enjoy the convenience of your own business jet, and appreciate the many advantages of an ‘off-balance-sheet’ asset.

Veling Tayara offer a bespoke leasing structure designed to be simple and straight­forward. In contrast to the ownership scenario, leasing offers a win-win situation for both client and lessor: as a lessee, you are saved considerable capital outlay; we will carry the residual-value risk throughout the lease and at its expiry – when we will resell the aircraft.


  1. You select your aircraft and execute purchase with our assistance.
  2. We execute the lease agreement.
  3. You make a security deposit (refundable).
  4. We take over your purchase agreement obligations.
  5. You pay lease rentals and maintenance reserves during lease term.
  6. You pay all operating costs, inclusive of insurance, engine/airframe maintenance programs, and crew.
  7. At lease expiry you have the option to extend the lease or return the aircraft.